Since 1998 the company is dedicated to produce state of the art documentation tools for conservation with a strong focus on ease of use and platform independence. 

The faces behind DiVisual®

Andreas Franz

Andreas Franz

Founder & Owner

Dipl. Conservator-Restorer FH

Andreas Franz has been the managing director of DiVisual since he founded the company in 1998. He is responsible for the quality and the general concept of the „Mapping System“ (MSv8, formerly MSv7). Andreas is „Adobe® Solution Partner - Silver“ which is the second highest level of solution partnership with Adobe®.
Andreas has a background as conservator for fine arts where he holds a masters degree from the University of Arts (BUA) in Bern, Switzerland.
For almost 30 years he is running a conservation studio and works as an expert for Museums and Cultural Heritage Institutions throughout Europe. His deep knowledge of conservation and documentation needs in conservation flowed directly in to the development of the „Mapping System“.
  Evgeny Trefilov
Freelance software engineer

Saint-Petersburg, Russia based Evgeny is responsible for the relaunch and mayor update of the popular DiVisual Mapping System MSv8. 
He is specialized in automation of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch through scripts & plugins.
Evgeny is a very agile thinker and solid programmer. His skills include Adobe applications crossplatform (OS X/Windows) scripts in JavaScript, Adobe InDesign/Photoshop/Illustrator extensions (CEP panels), Complex data merge, data driven layouts (XML/CSV/JSON/XLS), automated layout processing in InDesign. Data extraction from InDesign to CSV/XML EasyCatalog based solutions Sketch plugins, Plug-in programming (PhotoShop automation plugins, filter plugins, OpenCV integration), OS X standalone applications (Cocoa/Objective-C), C++, XML. 
Graphic design, typography & layout (Adobe InDesign, Adobe PhotoShop) Web layouts and programming (HTML/CSS/PHP - CakePHP/MySQL/JavaScript - jQuery). Pre-press & imposition (Adobe Acrobat, PitStop, Farrukh Imposition Publisher).
It's his work that made the new release stabel and fast. (Evgeny's Upwork profile)

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Latest news - Academic License released - Free for students

We at DiVisual® have published an "Academic License" today. This will cost you nothing.... 0, zero, nada!
It includes the full scope of the paid version.
Simply request the installer on our website, install, register and select the option "Academic license" in the payment form. 

Send us a proof that you are enrolled at a university, academy or university of applied sciences and we give you the license fee until the end of your studies (follow the informations given in the email sent to you after applying for the Academic license). 
It gets even better... you can continue to use your license for free for up to one year after graduation! Isn't that great?

Professors and lecturers are to be attentive: You can do your students a favour by spreading this message among them.

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