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DiVisual Mapping System - digital mapping made easy


DiVisual's mapping system was invented by conservation- and art-experts togthter with IT-professionals.

Mapping and documenting art is a very important task in conservation and the museum business. With growing numbers of temporary exhibitions and spectacular shows, important art and art work is constantly travelling around the globe.

With the Mapping System MSv8 we are taking the mapping process to the digital age and meet the challenge of todays museum's and exhibtion's requierements.

The simplicity of the DiVisual Mapping System will make the difference!

Think of the DiVisual Mapping System as your digital pendant to a pen and paper. It is easy to learn and fast to use! Now the museum expert can create highly accurate mappings in no time that can even register earlier states of a condition and compare the past and present situation of an art work. As it is a core digital document with international standardized formats (TIFF) the copying and exchanging of the information is easy and free of loss!

Download and start mapping today

Latest news - Academic License released - Free for students

We at DiVisual® have published an "Academic License" today. This will cost you nothing.... 0, zero, nada!
It includes the full scope of the paid version.
Simply request the installer on our website, install, register and select the option "Academic license" in the payment form. 

Send us a proof that you are enrolled at a university, academy or university of applied sciences and we give you the license fee until the end of your studies (follow the informations given in the email sent to you after applying for the Academic license). 
It gets even better... you can continue to use your license for free for up to one year after graduation! Isn't that great?

Professors and lecturers are to be attentive: You can do your students a favour by spreading this message among them.

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